Saturday, January 11, 2020

liver and Pancreatic Function

Source; Pankreas human anatomy
Liver is a digestive organ that functions very much, Liver becomes the center of processing all kinds of food that enters through the mouth. Useful food will be processed so it can be circulated to all parts of the body that need it, while it not will be offered. Liver is the kitchen of  bodies, so everything that enters from the mouths will be cooked by liver. Carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism is concentrated in the liver. 
The pancreas is a digestive organ that works to release lipase enzymes to process fat, but it also produces insulin which is produced by pancreatic beta cells which works to process fat that enters the body into energy that is transferred in the body called glycogen, and glucagon produced by cells alpha pancreas and convert glycogen to the energy needed. The hormone insulin is tightly converted to low levels of sugar, a compilation that enters the intestine and can be absorbed then enters the liver, the collected particles will be taken up by insulin to be processed into the cell as an energy source.
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