Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Don't Be Affected by This Email

My dear,
God day to you, how is life and your daily life activity? with hope is well. Please I want you to read this mails very careful for better understanding. Here is my identity card and international passport, this is for you to know me very well okay.

Few days ago our soldiers had encountered and exchanged bullets with some gunmen and eventually three of our soldiers were injured in the event while over sixteen of the gunmen were killed, as a nurse in the army. I and my group rushed to give medical attention to our men who were injured at the spot where the sixteen gunmen were shot to dead. On the process, I saw two trunks parked at the road side, at that moment, we're prepared to face any anything that come on our way and we're trained to defense our self at any given time while we're on national duty. On that process, as we approached to that truck, we latter found the truck was abandoned during exchanging of bullets. As God may have it, what we see inside there is horrible, money and we did not know their intention if they will come for that truck again, we decided to drive the truck far distance,  we try to find hiding place to open and know exactly what was inside the box and went to cafe and open it, it is a lot of dollars and we did not know the purpose of the money, if it's belong to rebels or ISIS. Final we decided to share the goods and the money among us. The money is with me 4.7million Dollars. Regarding my statues be a military Nurse, I need you to assist me safeguard this fund for safe keeping.

Due to the United Nation policy on Syria, there is a plan to move some troops out of Syria, and I will be among the people that will be moving out. I cannot take this money to the United States because since they know me as military personnel, If mistakenly i made it open to those in top, they will want to know everything about the money and how i receive such, it means that i will be prison if they find out. In regard of this i want you to help me safeguard this fund in your county and the found will be shifted through shipping company this is exactly,  why I need your help. I want to guarantee you that you will not stand any risk in this as I have mapped out the strategy how the box will be move out from here safety through diplomatic means. you have to keep everything confidential till you receive the fund as a consignment.

Our position now is highly monitored,  we can only communicate through other means, our military communication facilities are highly monitored, we can communicate through email or Facebook if possible, then I can explain in details to you. I will only reach you through my email address or Facebook chat if possible as i said , because our calls will be monitored.

I endorse you to stand as the beneficiary to receive the fund and keep it safe,  as soon as i come to your country, you will assist me to invest it in a good profitable venture, I will give you 35% of the total money for the assistance after you have receive the money. I believe I can trust you.

Please if you can handle it, send your information so that i will furnish you on the morality to follow so that the shipping company will deliver the box to your house

Your Name: _______________________
Your home Address ________________
Your Phone Number ______________
Your Occupation ___________________
Your Age ___________________________
Your Nearest Airport ______________
Your country ______________

Your personal I D Card ___________ You should scan and attach your Id card and send it to me through my email address is for identification if it is you
Your Email Address _______________

Please send me all your information here okay
I am waiting for your positive respond
Best Regard. Sgt. Vanessa ( 

Jangan terpengaruh dengan email semacam ini. Jelas-jelas ini penipuan!!! Tidak segampang itu orang mempercayai kita dengan mentransfer uang dalam jumlah yang tidak sedikit.